2007 Community Server Developer Conference

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It’s finally here! We’ve been working all week preparing for our first ever Community Server Developer Conference and it starts tonight. We have just under 100 people attending – and honestly this is a lot more than we expected for our first developer conference.

We’re going to capture all the presentations and publish them as videos on www.communityserver.org after the conference so everyone can benefit from the content. Of course there is going to be a lot of special stuff we’re doing just for the attendees too.

I’m giving a brief keynote tomorrow morning and will talk a little about the social software market and where we see things heading (and more importantly Community Server’s role). I’ll also cover 2 of our new products Graffiti and Enterprise Reporting:

Graffiti is our new content management systems that was built from the ground-up after listening to customers ask for both a CMS and simpler single-user blogging tools. The Enterprise Reporting tools consist of a suite of reports to help customers understand how data in their Community Server site is being used and how they can then use that data to better help their customers.

Of course one of the big topics we’ll talk about is Community Server 2008. The team has done a lot of work already and while there are a number of really cool features I’m personally really excited about our new web services stack (built as a REST implementation). We’ve written a .NET wrapper (so it’s super-easy for .NET developers to start using) and it means that integrating with Sharepoint or any other web application (such as DotNetNuke) framework will be a breeze. But it also means that Community Server data can easily be integrated with an application written in Java, PHP, etc.

If you’re at the conference this week, please say hi!

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