The “I’m a PC” new Microsoft Ad

1 minute read

image Jerry and Bill just didn’t do it for me. In fact I was really, really disappointed with the first set of ads.

I love Seinfeld (the show) and realize that these ads were in that spirit, but it just didn’t do it for me. Furthermore while I have a tremendous amount of respect for what Bill Gates has done at Microsoft — and for the computer industry as a whole — I think he symbolizes the old Microsoft vs. the new Microsoft (people like Scott Guthrie).

Bottom-line, while I think people in the tech industry could connect with the first two ads. Most people — at least those that I know that aren’t techy — let out a collective “Huh?”

That changed last night.

The new “I’m a PC” ad (watch it here) resonated much better and I really liked it too. Hopefully this is the direction the rest of the ads will follow.

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