More than just the application

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More than just the application

From a comment left on this article:

How Social Media Upending Enterprise

Successful companies put more value on the information than the application.

Look at what Amazon has done for consumer buying or what Google has done for advertising. The key to this market is not on building the new ‘it’ application, but on helping companies understand how their brand is being discussed, what their customer perceptions are, and learning to innovate hand-in-hand with customers (many large enterprises now believe that the next set of innovations will come from outside the organization).

I’ve been involved in this space for nearly 10 years now. Nearly 3 years ago Telligent ( started investing in analytical tools to help our customers understand the data after being the first in the market to offer a suite based collaboration solution.

Anyone can build the next forum, blog, wiki, twitter-clone, etc. they key is using the information to transform how the business measures, operates, and works with its customers and employees.

So I agree, there is a major shift underway. But it has to be about more than just the tools…

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