Hungry for Change

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image I just read IBM’s 2008 CEO Study entitled The Enterprise of the Future. It’s about an 80pp document and does have some good insights into what global CEOs are thinking about. There is lots of great blog fodder in the document. Some of the points that surprised me what how much mention social networking and collaboration received. While I did expect some coverage I wasn’t anticipating what I found.

In the opening pages the document starts with “…customers are far more informed, and far more demanding today. But instead of viewing this as a problem, you see it as an opportunity – to draw on their energy and ideas to collaborate and to differentiate your companies.

The document goes on to talk about some of the challenges that CEOs face. One being the “…companies are struggling with its [change] accelerated pace. and that “…technological advances are reshaping value chains, influencing products and services and changing how their companies interact with customers.

The value of Enterprise 2.0 is the ability to lubricate the mechanisms of change and facilitate how companies interact with customers.

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