I’m a technology entrepreneur at heart.  I love the creative process, the dream of what can be, and the application of that through technology.  I have started or have been part of 5 technology start-ups in a variety of roles.

Prior to Telligent, I was an employee at Microsoft as a member of the ASP.NET team.  This team was considered as start-up with Microsoft created by Scott Guthrie and Mark Anders, I was fortunate enough to be the 14th team member.

On the ASP.NET team I was responsible for designing infrastructure aspects of the software, such as caching, membership, personalization, etc., building the ASP.NET developer community, and speaking at software developer events.  You’ll still find a lot of this content in my blog — as I started blogging actively in 2002.

I have given nearly many presentations at conferences and user groups, both for software development and social media.  I have also written or contributed to several books on software development.  I’ll publish a list at some point.

If you are looking for what I’m working on now, please visit DailyStory a marketing automation platform.

Contacting me

For friends and family, the best way to connect with me is on Facebook.  You can also find me on Twitter at @robhoward.